Terex Port Solutions strengthens its position in Indonesia with three floating cranes

Düsseldorf,   06. May 2014

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) strengthens its presence in Indonesia with three further Terex® Gottwald floating cranes. Winning Logistics Investments Pte Ltd (Winning), the logistics division of the Winning International Group based in Singapore, ordered the Terex® Gottwald Model 8 floating cranes in the G HPK 8200 B four-rope-grab variant for use off the coast of Kalimantan. The cranes will gradually start working there as of fall 2014. Starting in June 2014, the cranes will first be delivered to China where the barges are built. There, the cranes will be connected to barges via their roller bearing slew ring at the shipyard. The floating cranes will then be towed to Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, to help Winning handle bauxite on the open sea. With the commissioning of the three cranes, a total of eight floating cranes from Terex Port Solutions will be in operation off the coast of Kalimantan. Winning will be the fifth terminal operator on the open sea in the area.

Loading from river barges to sea-going vessels
Bauxite, from which aluminum is extracted, occurs in abundance inside Kalimantan. On its way to the smelting works, including one operated by the Winning International Group in the West-Kalimantan province, the bauxite is first transported from the mining regions to the open sea on river barges. Here it is loaded onto sea-going vessels. To make future handling off the coast of the island more efficient, Winning is relying on floating cranes. The cranes are based on proven Terex Gottwald mobile harbour technology with similar features and capabilities. The G HPK 8200 B cranes provide a 63-t grab curve and a maximum hoisting speed of 140 m/min. They are powered by diesel generators installed on board the floating crane barges. Each barge also provides accommodations for 30 crew members, which includes dining and recreation rooms in addition to an operations center and a workshop.

Productivity even under tough conditions
Built for use on the open sea, the three cranes for Winning are designed in accordance with Lloyd’s Register Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment which allow the cranes to operate at wind speeds up to 24 m/s and maximum wave heights of 2.5 m. Winning opted for cargo handling cranes that combine high productivity with flexibility, as Sun Xiushun, president of the Winning International Group, underlines: “With floating cranes from Terex Port Solutions, we have decided on a top-level technological solution. These cranes can also be used reliably under tough conditions and therefore help to significantly increase the total handling volume of our fleet.” He explains that after other solutions proved unsuitable, Winning has consciously opted for TPS in order to achieve its growth objectives. In regards to the barges, Winning also involved a third-party supplier to equip them with an advanced anti-rolling system to improve operational performance. This is the first time Winning used this system. The system is designed to allow the floating cranes to operate at maximum working speeds and help each crane to handle more than 25,000 t of bauxite daily in the harsh, open-sea conditions.

Eight cranes in eight years for Indonesia
For Klaus Roehrig, Regional Director at TPS, the order from Winning is another important chapter in the success story of Terex Gottwald floating cranes in Indonesia: “The fact that we have sold eight cranes here since 2006 speaks volumes for the ability of TPS to offer high-performance solutions tailored to specific customer requirements and environmental conditions.” Roehrig is pleased to gain a new customer and that Winning has seen rapid development over its twelve years of existence, and is still clearly on a growth course: “Winning has become firmly established in South Asia, particularly in the transport and handling of bulk material. We are delighted that such a dynamic group is counting on three Terex Gottwald floating cranes based on our mobile harbour crane technology for its planned growth phases,” Roehrig continues.

A total of 33 floating cranes worldwide
Since their market launch in 2004, floating cranes from TPS have quickly become accepted in various environments. A total of 33 of these cranes, including those for Winning, are or will be in operation worldwide. Apart from Indonesia, majority of our floating cranes can be found on the Mississippi River in the United States. Similarly to Indonesia, US customers benefit from the flexibility, high level performance and ease of servicing of the cranes due to the Terex Gottwald modular crane system design: in places where there are no, or only a few, quay facilities available, Terex Gottwald floating cranes in transshipment and ship-to-shore handling represent a competitive variant for handling all types of cargo. In addition to the open sea, they can also operate in ports, on rivers and in coastal waters.

About Terex Port Solutions
Terex Port Solutions is part of the Material Handling & Port Solutions business segment of Terex Corporation that supplies customers in ports with a unique combination of machines, software and services under the Terex and Terex Gottwald brands. Whether it is ship-to-shore cranes, reach stackers or fully automated, integrated handling systems for containers and bulk, Terex Port Solutions provides reliable solutions for rapid, safe, efficient handling of all forms of cargo with low downtimes and excellent return on investment.

About Terex
Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, shipping, transport, quarrying, mining, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms, Construction, Cranes, Material Handling & Port Solutions and Materials Processing. Terex offers a complete line of financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information can be found at www.terex.com.

About Winning Logistics Investments Pte Ltd (Winning)
At the start of 2002, Winning Shipping established operations in Hong Kong with the aim of providing maritime logistical services for the growing Chinese non-ferrous metal market. Winning’s initial logistics service consisted of ferrying raw materials for alumina production enterprises. By 2006, Winning relocated its headquarters to the transportation hub of Singapore to further drive growth in the South East Asian region. This geographical shift gave Winning the opportunity to strengthen relationships with its partners based in Indonesia and generate new avenues of cooperation. The proximity advantage also boosted Winning’s ability to overcome logistical bottlenecks via customizing operation processes whilst continuing to provide a cost effective integrated logistics solution to our customers. The success of Winning’s corporate strategy led to the formal incorporation of the Winning International Group in 2010. As part of this transformation process, Winning has expanded its core business areas to include ship chartering, transshipment services, fleet ownership, fleet management, resource development and trade services. Winning is committed to the provision of the end-to-end supply chain solutions for manufacturing industries of tomorrow, today.


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